1. MALTA:

Located in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast, this archipelago for you, has the best range of islands that you can choose from for your vacations trip. From eating fish at the Marsaxlokk (a traditional fishing village) to exploring the Gozo Island, do what satiates you more. With a large number of attractions for the tourists in Malta, you can always go for a full-day excursion plan.  The paradise for water-lovers, must go and see the Comin’s Blue Lagoon. The serenity of that water is not at all what we see in pictures. It is a beauty to behold with your own eyes.

  1. RUSSIA:

For art lovers, one’s best choice to visit this year should be Russia. The country is known for its artistic history and culture. The all-time famous, Academy of Fine Arts, has produced some of the greatest country artists, sculptors, and creators.  They exhibit all kinds of paintings of the students and faculty there. The museum displays the work of famous artists as well, but on temporary bases.  Another arty attraction could be the Amber Room. It was brought together in Berlin and sent to Russia as a gift for Peter the Great. At the time of World War II, the Nazis canned the room and took most of it to Germany. Amber Room of this age was completed in 2003, to retain the magic of its old times.


“Sea, Serenity and Satisfaction.”  All of these is not very far if you are near the Maldives. The country is famous for its beaches, blue lagoons and reefs can serve as a real breath of fresh air (literally) when you set the Maldives as your holiday destination. The underwater wildlife is a beautiful experience for those who love nature in all its styles. The bioluminescent phytoplankton (again, what?? Okay, read, BIO-LUMI-NES-CENT PHYTO-PLANK-TONS) in the waters at Vaadhoo Island, which emits blue glow naturally are just a miracle to behold. They are also known as fireflies of the shore. Other magical experiences include swimming with the whale sharks (YES, NO KIDDING!), impeccable shopping street at the Maafushi, one of the country’s biggest islands, flying on the seaplanes to reach your favorite beach resorts and what not?!

  1. DUBAI:

There are a few preferable destinations in the world that offer so much in one banquet. Dubai is the most luxurious destination and an amusement itself for its history. Choosing Dubai over other Holiday destinations would be decent because it has a great deal of entertainment, fun, shopping, adventures and other festivities all-round the year.  Formerly known as the hub of exquisite malls and shopping centers is now offering much more than that. Only naming the most spectacular places of Dubai would take a whole month because the list is too long.  Palm Jumeirah (the artificial island), The Dubai Fountain, Warner Brothers World, Al Bastakiya and the Old Fort, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, The Mall of Emirates, Desert Safari, Old Souk (the famous gold-jewel market), etc., to mention just but a few.