Countries To Consider Visiting In 2018

We are still in the first months of 2018 and the year is looking up to be a great one. If part of your resolutions this year is to travel more and explore the world, then chances are you have been thinking of great destinations to visit, if you already haven’t settled for a couple. In this article, we’ll be mentioning two or three destinations that we think are worth visiting this year.

Let’s go.


Chile is a long and thin country on the west coast of South America that’s separated from the rest by the soaring Andes mountains to the east, the Atacama Desert (the driest desert in the world) to the north, the Pacific Ocean to its west, and the impassable wilds of Patagonia to the south. Though a small nation, Chile, which celebrates 200-years of independence this year, has so much to offer.

From volcanoes, massive glaciers, fjords, and ancient forests, to fertile valleys and parched dunes, the nation is considered a land of high contrasts. There is so much to see and do in Chile.

Though not a very common destination, Chile is quickly becoming the traveler’s haven. If you are looking for a beautiful and scenic travel destination in the southern hemisphere, then try Chile.

South Korea

This Asian nation is a small playground for Asian modernity. Neighboring the dreaded North Korea, South Korea is separated from its northerly neighbor by a fearsome border. However, it is, by all means, a safe, exciting and a rather fun nation that offers a range of dazzling experiences, over 5,000 years of history and culture, and forward-thinking ways.

South Korea is also known for its hilly, green countryside that’s dotted with centuries-old Buddhist temples and cheery trees, plus it sub-tropical islands, coastal fishing villages, and high tech metropolises like Seoul which make it one of the top Asian destinations to visit in 2018.

Over the recent years, South Korea has proven itself as a dream destination – a welcoming and engaging place where all the benefits of a high-tech country are perfectly balanced with a reverence for Asian old ways and traditions.

However, do not be fooled by their seemingly traditional ways, South Koreans know how to rock. Their calendar is packed with tons of events and festivals, meaning that there is a celebration almost every other day to attend during your stay.


Djibouti is an African nation that is ideally located for that dramatic effect. This somewhat lean country is currently going through the process of being ripped apart into three by diverging tectonic plates. This, as a result, creates some spectacular geological sights and landscapes.

From the sunken lake shores that gleam with huge salt crystals to Martian-like deserts spewing tons of steam from fumaroles to magma seething beneath an ever-thinning crust, there is just so much to experience here.

Geologically speaking, these are a sprint finish sign – but to us, humans, all this is in spectacular slow motion – a good reason why you should consider making plans to visit Djibouti before the year ends.

Apart from the unique geological wonders to see in Djibouti, the nation also has an intoxicating culture and his home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the North Eastern part of Africa where you can even go whale shark diving. If you want to see Mother Nature at her best, then visit Djibouti.