Most luxurious hotels you’ll want to book this 2018

We’re in March already, and you may be wondering where to go this summer and where you’ll stay. If your new year’s resolution was to travel more, we have for you an exceptional list of the most luxurious hotels of the year. Some of them haven’t opened yet; you can be the first guest!

1. Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel (Montecito, Santa Barbara). A place with an outstanding setting in the heart of California. By summer, you could enjoy this fascinating place with a stunning landscape, unique climate, and remarkable residential architecture. With approximately sixteen acres of beachfront real state, Rosewood will offer 124 guestrooms and 37 elegant suites. You’ll be in one of the most beautiful beaches in Santa Barbara, what do you say?

2. Como Uma Canggu (Bali). For this one you don’t have to wait, it opened the past February 1st and is waiting for you. Situated on Bali’s south coast, you’ll enjoy of a panoramic view of the beautiful beach and its rolling waves. Exceptional cuisine, services, wellness, and luxury everywhere.

3. The Dixon (London, England). A new hotel in the heart of London where all the creativity and art take place. It’s the latest accommodation in London that focused on offering unique aesthetics and amenities services that will be pure art, culture, and heritage of the local history.

4. Viceroy (Cartagena, Colombia). If you’re looking an outstanding place in South America, you should go to Viceroy, a whole new space full of glamour, sun, ad unique views. Their opulence will amaze from the moment you enter the lobby and appreciate cascading waterfalls.

5. Sheldon Chalet (Denali, Alaska). “Magnificence Manifest” is the first thing you can read on their website. If you stay here, you’ll be at 6000 feet in elevation with a view like no other, luxury accommodations and exquisite services. And as if it was not enough, you can watch the aurora borealis dancing around the sky. Is a unique opportunity in a place that you’ll remember forever.

6. Jewel Grande Resort and Spa (Montego Bay, Jamaica). Opened in January, this Caribbean resort can offer all you need. Astonishing villas with all the services included, could be the perfect place for you this summer (or now). If you want to be away wholly, check this fantastic hotel paradise that is one of the best this year.

7. Amanyangyun (Shanghai, China). To conclude the list, we’ll give you the newest and most luxurious hotel in Shanghai, China. Is already open, so, you can go there now. With an ancient touch, this resort count with 26 houses with private pools, yards, and more. You’ll have the opportunity to explore China’s heritage of arts, philosophy, and culture. Also, you’ll have the most exquisite international and local cuisine.

Traveling is a unique experience that everybody should experience. If you have the resources to go wherever you want, don’t doubt it and plan your next adventure! If you pick one of the listed above, you’ll not regret it, on the contrary, can be a trip that you’ll never forget.