Traveling Abroad with Your Girlfriend

One thing that everyone should do before they die is travel abroad. It doesn’t have to be a yearly, but you must go at least once to experience another culture and enjoy yourself.

Dating a woman in the Czech Republic, I flew abroad one time and it was quite the experience. I had only flown in the States, so I was used to a 3-4 hour flight. Flying over to Europe, the fastest flight was 7 hours or more. That’s a long time to sit in boredom if you’re not ready for it.

I arrived at the airport way too early and lugged my bags to the check-in. I snuck some drinks and food through security and into the lounge where I sat awaiting my departure. TSA was having a great time because there were a huge amount of people standing in line. Someone had called in sick, so the line was wrapping around the building.

Upon arrival in Europe, I felt this feeling of adventure, much like when I moved to the city for the first time. I stepped foot on European soil and I was ready to go. I whipped out my cell phone and dialed my girlfriend just in time to hear the dial tone. I had forgotten that my service isn’t going to work over here. I had to figure out what to do next and no one spoke a word of English, so I found a sign that looked like “Wi-Fi” and started punching in numbers like it was my job. The wi-fi failed to connect. I tried again and boom – I was in. I text my girlfriend and waited. She was stuck in traffic on the way to get me.

She arrived an hour late. I have to say I was a bit disappointed since she new I was coming way in advance. But, she looked good, so I know she spent that time doing makeup and such for me. We drove back to the inner city and walked by hundreds of gorgeous apartments, all decorated for the coming holidays. He apartment was an art-deco type with brand new crown molding and luxury furniture. I was very impressed, until I realized that she rented it for the week (so it wasn’t actually hers).

Inside, it had all the amenities one would expect in a beautiful building like that. Multiple bathrooms, multiple showers, 4 bedrooms. This apartment was huge and the rental fee was reasonable. We only ended up staying for about 3 days before traveling to Norway to check out an Air BnB house rental there. The real estate was similar. It was expensive, but the crazy views made up for that.

The whole trip was amazing, but I have to say that after a week of traveling all over the place and getting no sleep with my girl on top of me constantly, I was ready to come back to the states and go to bed.  I will forever remember those moments though because we were only that age once and it’s now in the past.