Where to Stop When You Visit Oregon

After returning from Europe, my girlfriend almost immediately wanted to go on another trip, but it wasn’t exactly the type of travel experience I wanted to go on.  She wanted to travel home to Oregon to see some family and friends.

If you’ve ever been to Beaverton, Oregon, you know that it’s a heavily wooded area.  The city center is a few miles south of Portland.  After flying in, our first stop was to see Aunt Margaret.  She’s deaf as can be and can barely walk at her age, but she says some hysterical things if you give her a glass of wine or two.

We flew in around 4 PM and took an Uber to the house.  The first thing I noticed when we arrived was a mouse!  There was a huge mouse infestation, and they were running all over the place. My girlfriend nearly had a heart attack when we opened the door.  And, I’m now thinking that her aunt must be blind because how can you miss those rodents running across the kitchen floor and through the living room.  Pest problems are no fun, so we started calling all the pest control companies we could think of that serve Portland and Beaverton.  Luckily we stumbled upon Banish Pest Control.  Banish is run by a local exterminator named Micheal, who’s an expert at his craft.  We called for a quote, got it over the phone, and he was at the house in less than an hour fixing it.

After an inspection, Micheal pointed out that there was a small hole near the piping that was just big enough for a mouse to crawl through.  He baited the existing mice and blocked up the hole.  Mice infestation problem solved in less than a day.  He stopped back the next day to remove all the traps and that was it.  That was the most affordable pest solution I’ve ever seen.  So, when you have a rodent problem in Oregon, especially in Multnomah or Washington Counties, I highly recommend calling Mike.