Who Are We

Who Are We

Bassy = inherent beauty

Hotels = where we stay on our historical trips around the world

We are Bassy Hotels, experiencing the inherent beauty of historical journeys around the World, from the US to Europe to Asia and back.

“In order to know where to go and to move forward, we must understand where we have been.”

Everyone has a favorite subject, and ours is history.  Do you remember the kids in class who aced every exam?  How about the teacher’s favorite students…the ones that were always on the ball because they actually read the assigned chapters, completed all of the homework assignments, and studied hard for quizzes and tests?  Those students were us.

We have traveled all across the US, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific rim visiting countries with historical significance and writing about the history of the areas we have seen.  Our most recent excursion was to Istanbul, the present day location of the once existing Byzantine Empire.


Now that we have an outlet for our historical knowledge, through the medium of this site, we will educate you with the hopes that you will enjoy history as much as we have.  Learn the history, then visit the locations.  Your trip will be that much more interesting as you see what was built and relive the experience of that past life.